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Published 25-10-2014, by Michele Tailor

Succinctly, the affiliate operating has hacked an extremely large number of websites by systematically exploiting a vulnerability in the Akismet WordPress plugin to insert iframes promoting online gaming sites under his affiliate codes, thereby illegally diverting both traffic and revenue from the webmasters whose sites have been hacked. Source: GPWA

As it seems hacked several website to gain traffic. Because of the very serious and rectent criminal activity of the casino review site, we decided it made sense to notify and warn people as possible about this unscrupulous website. This matter was taken really seriously by the GPWA and resulted in sending an email to their entire database of affiliate programs and their representatives, which includes over 1,600 contacts including the over 1,000 affiliate programs listed on our their website and all of the affiliate program contacts they know through the GPWA

But that’s not all, it means that you as a player could be guitly as well, for using as the site initially used to go to one of their adviced casino's. For those who don't care stop ready any further, but for those who care, take the advice the GPWA gives seriously.

the POGG

the POGG, is it what they claim to be?

Published 20-6-2014, by Michele Tailor

On Casino Mediator we have a black list of casino review sites and casino forums. There is a big difference in these kind of sites. Let’s take for example the POGG (Players Online Gambling Guide), a website that claims to be an expert in the field on casino mediation and casino complaints. Well there’s more than meets the eye, as we take a closer look at this site and the organisation behind it.

As with most of these so called online casino expertsites one must be carefull in trusting blindly on what the POGG claims to be well as recommended and trusted casino’s. They have some sort of seal called the POGG Deposits Guaranteed, this seal must give players the safe feeling that their deposits are safe at the casino’s wearing this seal. But is it a recognized seal by the gambling authorities? No it is not, it’s just a made up seal to get people to deposit at these casino’s, and it’s a paid item you can simply buy. So that’s not as neutral as they want you to believe.

But that’s not all, the people behind this site call themselves casino mediators? But what are these self proclaimed casino mediators talking about? Wich institute did they visit to get a degree on casino mediation? Well let’s say we have it looked at and they are not registered or ceritfied to do so. Why put your trust in someone that has no knowledge or authority to do so.

In pricipal online casino's refuse to work with the POGG in solving problems between them and players. And why should they? They are not certified to do so. So rather in just taking for granted what the POGG wants to make you believe, go to other forums for honest views on online casino websites. We had so many complaints about the POGG (from casino's and players as well) that they have made it to our black list. You can always mail us for a list with trusted sites, if you want a good advice on where to go for save play.

Detail; as we asked the POGG for comment, they simple did not want to answer us, another sign of non professional behaviour on their side!

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